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Frequently Asked Questions


MedAIRE is a medical device that measures breath hydrogen and methane levels to aid in the diagnosis of SIBO, IMO or carbohydrate malabsorption. It is used remotely, enabling your patients to complete multiple tests at home.

MedAIRE pairs with the FoodMarble Healthcare app to guide your patients through clinically established test protocols with the results being automatically shared with you via the FoodMarble Clinical Dashboard.

MedAIRE 1 measures breath hydrogen levels. MedAIRE 2 measures breath hydrogen and methane levels.

Yes, breath testing is a validated and non-invasive tool used to diagnose SIBO, IMO or carbohydrate malabsorption.

Yes, MedAIRE is an FDA Class 1 medical device.

Yes, MedAIRE has been extensively validated. To learn more about our validation studies and research, click here.

Following established clinical guidelines, the measurements from the MedAIRE can be used by a suitably trained physician to aid in the diagnosis of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).

Yes, MedAIRE may be used to test for a range of food intolerances using our Food Intolerance Test Kit which contains lactose, fructose, inulin, and sorbitol. You can also choose to have your patient test with other test sugars or whole foods using the app ‘Custom’ test feature.

No, the test is patient-led. The companion app guides your patient through a clinically established protocol.

Yes, MedAIRE comes with a 1-year warranty, and is covered against any manufacturer’s defect.

Yes, MedAIRE is designed so that you can have your patient perform additional tests as necessary.

No, it is designed as a personal device so we recommend one device per patient.

MedAIRE is designed so that it can be used by a patient for multiple tests. The device also comes with a 1-year warranty.

No, the devices are calibrated to a high standard after manufacturing and their performance is monitored remotely.

Yes, FoodMarble has HIPAA compliant policies and procedures in place to protect your patient’s healthcare data.

MedAIRE is currently only available in the US, where it is regulated as an FDA Class I medical device.

Getting Started with MedAIRE

Yes, using MedAIRE is a simple process for both you and your patients. Our clinical experts are on hand to get you set up in minutes and for any ongoing support.

To learn more, please contact our team at healthcare@foodmarble.com.

Contact our clinical team at healthcare@foodmarble.com, and we can walk you through the process. We will get you set up with your dashboard account and can have you up and running in less than an hour.

You can choose to give the test kit to your patient at their consultation or we can ship it directly to them.

Yes, glucose is included with each SIBO test kit. Depending on where you are located we may also provide lactulose (not available in the US). Food intolerance kits can be purchased which include: fructose, lactose, inulin and sorbitol.

No, the device is designed for multiple tests with no need to replace any parts.

Results are automatically transmitted from the device via bluetooth and are instantly available to view on the clinical dashboard. Patients will not receive the results of the test.

Results are available immediately. As soon as your patient completes their test, the test report will appear on your dashboard.

Yes, suitable clinicians may be set up with our clinical affiliate program which includes access to our clinical dashboard and a discount for your patients. The clinical affiliate program is not suitable for use with patients who claim reimbursement for your services from a federal health program.

FoodMable Connect allows us to link AIRE users with FoodMarble affiliated clinicians. If you would like to be listed, please let us know and we’ll be happy to send referrals your way.

Financial Queries

Please get in touch with healthcare@foodmarble.com for pricing information and to learn more about our competitive volume-based pricing.

Yes, both MedAIRE devices are eligible for HSA & FSA.

Yes, breath testing is reimbursable using the CPT code 91065.*

*This does not represent a promise or guarantee by FoodMarble regarding coverage or payment for products or procedures by Medicare or other payers.

Physicians, Physician Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners.

There is a $99 non covered service fee which will be the responsibility of the patient.

If the test hasn’t been completed within 60 days, the patient will be charged $99. This will be refunded upon return of the device or completion of the test.

Test Queries

We will provide your patient with everything they need to do their test including information on preparing for their test. When performing their test they are fully guided by the app through clinically established test protocols.

Yes. MedAIRE is a fully remote platform that allows your patients to perform tests in their own home with the results being automatically transmitted to your dashboard.

Patients need a smartphone with Bluetooth capabilities and an internet connection.

We recommend that patients wait 1 week between tests.

Yes, MedAIRE can be used as a tool to track changes in breath readings in response to treatment.

FoodMarble’s app has a library with the FODMAP content of over 2000 foods. By using the app to track their meals and breath readings, as well as, symptoms, and stool, it can give valuable insights into what foods are causing their symptoms or how they respond to the low FODMAP diet. You can also have your patients complete challenges to test their tolerance to various FODMAPs.

Support Queries

Please contact us at healthcare@foodmarble.com.

As part of your onboarding package, our clinical experts will provide you with a demo of the clinical dashboard along with providing materials on the established clinical testing protocol and guidelines. Our team is also available for any follow up queries.

These are training materials available to clinicians working with FoodMarble that outlines the applications of breath testing and the established clinical guidelines used when interpreting results.

Patient support is an important part of our offering which is why our clinical team is on hand to assist them at any time at healthcare@foodmarble.com.

We also have a range of materials to support them through set-up, preparing for and performing their test including:

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