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A new way to care for your GI patients

The world's first personal hydrogen-methane breath tester

Breath test

At-home breath testing

Patients can easily test from home, and re-test after treatment. Results are instantly available through your dashboard. No more testing backlogs or waiting for results.

How it works

Portable Device

A personal hydrogen & methane breath tester with secure wireless data transmission. Just charge the device and start testing.

How it works - device
How it works - app

Easy-to-use app

Patients are guided through clinically established test protocols. Gather symptom, diet, sleep, stress & stool data.

Clinical Dashboard

Test results are transmitted in real-time to a secure HIPAA compliant dashboard. Monitor day-to-day gas production during and after treatment.

How it works - dashboard

From the literature


The ability to monitor objective measures (breath H2) of malabsorption that can be correlated with any feelings of discomfort allows users to distinguish malabsorption-related discomfort from other symptoms, and to identify the foods causing digestive problems.

Validity of a Portable Breath Analyser (AIRE) for the Assessment of Lactose Malabsorption.
Shrestha A. et al. Nutrients 2019.

...The AIRE device is a compelling alternative to mail-in LHBT kits for the diagnosis of SIBO. The AIRE device may also offer advantages over other traditional breath testing methods.

Improving the Diagnosis of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth Using an At-Home Handheld App Connected Breath Analysis Device (AIRE)
Barahona G. et al. medRxiv 2022.

Why FoodMarble?

More data, better outcomes


A streamlined, more comfortable experience for patients. Easy ordering, instant results and seamless repeat testing for clinicians.


Increase testing capacity and overcome the limitations of traditional testing, while freeing up clinical resources and staff time.


Use existing breath testing codes (CPT 91065) and RPM codes by monitoring day-to-day fermentation during and after treatment.

Any Questions?

MedAIRE is a medical device that measures breath hydrogen and methane levels to aid in the diagnosis of SIBO, IMO or carbohydrate malabsorption. It is used remotely, enabling your patients to complete multiple tests at home.

MedAIRE pairs with the FoodMarble Healthcare app to guide your patients through clinically established test protocols with the results being automatically shared with you via the FoodMarble Clinical Dashboard.

Following established clinical guidelines, the measurements from the MedAIRE can be used by a suitably trained physician to aid in the diagnosis of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).

Yes, FoodMarble has HIPAA compliant policies and procedures in place to protect your patient’s healthcare data.

Yes, breath testing is reimbursable using the CPT code 91065.*

*This does not represent a promise or guarantee by FoodMarble regarding coverage or payment for products or procedures by Medicare or other payers.

MedAIRE is currently only available in the US, where it is regulated as an FDA Class I medical device.

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