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When you eat something, it travels through your stomach and into your small intestine for absorption. Anything that isn’t digested, the remainder continues on to your large intestine where the bacteria start to break it down by a process called fermentation. ‎
When gut bacteria start fermenting the foods in the large intestine, they release gases, like hydrogen. When a rapid gas build up happens, it can cause certain symptoms like abdominal pain, bloating, and other symptoms, in particular in those with IBS. This hydrogen makes its way into the bloodstream and begins to circulate around the body, moving to the lungs. ‎
Once the hydrogen reaches the lungs, the hydrogen is exhaled on your breath. By measuring the levels of hydrogen on your breath with FoodMarble AIRE, you get real-time feedback on whether that food is right for your body. The more times you measure, the better the data that you collect.

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The 6-Week Discovery Plan is a FODMAP and breath testing program designed to help you find the foods that work with your unique digestive system. In just six weeks you’ll discover what your digestive system can tolerate. Using the FoodMarble AIRE, app and FODMAP testing kit combo, you’ll reduce symptoms and learn to take control of your gut by eating foods that you enjoy. 

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