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Vegan Pumpkin Curry

  • Servings 4-6
  • Preparation time 15 minutes
  • Cooking time 30 minutes
  • Difficulty Moderate

Vegan Pumpkin Curry

  • Servings 4-6
  • Preparation time 15 minutes
  • Cooking time 30 minutes
  • Difficulty Moderate

If you’re vegan and trying to follow a low FODMAP diet, it can be difficult to know what foods to turn to for a little comfort and nutrition, especially at this time of year. This recipe showcases the mighty pumpkin, along with some wonderful low FODMAP staples like red pepper, spinach and courgette. Low FODMAP flavour boosters such as ginger, roasted spices, lime juice and fresh herbs give this dish a vibrancy to brighten your spirits on those colder days.

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Preheat the oven to 220 C / 425 F.


In an oven tray, heat 1 tbsp of coconut oil. Once the pumpkin is prepped and cubed, add this to the hot oil and roast for 15 minutes, until tender.


Meanwhile, in a heavy bottomed pan, roast all the spices for a few minutes over a medium high heat, carefully watching over them so they don't burn.


Once the spices release a wonderful aroma, add a tbsp of coconut oil and the grated ginger. Cook for a few moments and then add a splash of stock once the pan begins to dry out.


Next add the courgette and red pepper to the pot and cook down for 5 minutes.


Add the chopped tomato and the remainder of the stock to the pot. Stir well to bring all ingredients together, then allow simmer for 15-20 minutes.


Once the vegetables are tender, add the roasted pumpkin, spinach and coconut milk to the pot. Stir well, then taste the curry before adding a tbsp of Tamari sauce.


Once the spinach is cooked, it's time to serve. Season with salt & pepper to taste, garnish with some fresh coriander, a drizzle of sesame oil and a good squeeze of lime juice. Enjoy with or without rice!


Coconut oil, for cooking

250g Pumpkin, cubed

1 Red bell pepper, chopped

1 Courgette (Zucchini), chopped

150g Spinach

200ml Vegetable stock

1 Can of Chopped tomatoes

160ml Coconut milk

15g Ginger, grated

1 tsp Turmeric powder

1 tsp Paprika powder

1 tsp Coriander powder

1 tbsp Tamari

2 tsp Sesame oil

Squeeze of lime, to taste

Coriander for garnish

Salt & pepper


Rose O'Sullivan

  • Last updated 25 April 2024
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