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FoodMarble Bundle

Digestive breath testing device, FoodMarble app, and 6-Week Discovery Plan testing kit.  The complete FoodMarble experience.


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The Bundle includes

Digestive breath testing device
Access to connected app to track breath scores and log your meals, symptoms, sleep, and stress to transform your gut health.
FODMAP testing kit (lactose, fructose, sorbitol & inulin), customer support program and exclusive app features.

App Features

FODMAP recipes for all times of the day and to keep your gut on track!

Lots of tasty recipes for you to try during your 6-week plan and beyond. Recipes are categorized by FODMAP, making it easy to find the right recipe for you.  You also have a full breakdown of FODMAP content per recipe, so once you start to find your triggers you can pick recipes that suit your gut.

Your unique digestive profile

As you complete your Discovery Days your digestive profile will begin to fill out. It shows you your tolerance for each of the main four FODMAPs. This handy little chart can be used when you’re eating out or shopping to help keep your food choices on track.

New weekly summary of all your activities

As you move through the plan you will receive a weekly summary of how things are looking.  This will help you draw conclusions and start to spot the foods that are your triggers.



Pairs with FoodMarble app*
Charging: USB Micro
Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy
* Min. requirements: Android 4.4+, iPhone 5 and up

Size     Weight
Height: 55.0mm      25g
Width: 55.0mm
Depth: 12.5mm

The device should not be exposed to anything that may damage its sensors, particularly silicone. Silicone can be found in some hair and beauty products, and smoke from cigarettes or cooking.  The device should also be kept dry – the mouthpiece is detachable so you can wash it separately.


The FODMAP testing kit which comes as part of the 6-Week Discovery Plan includes the following FODMAP sachets for testing.
Lactose 25g
Fructose 25g
Sorbitol 10g 
Inulin 10g

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