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Hydrogen and Methane:
Why Are They Important to IBS?

Nearly everyone naturally produces hydrogen in their breath, and many of us have gut microbes that convert it to methane.

However, for IBS, the levels of hydrogen and methane can be quite high. It’s essential to understand how much gas your body can tolerate without experiencing symptoms.

In IBS, an overproduction of hydrogen gas often leads to frequent diarrhea, while excess methane gas typically results in constipation.

To better control your symptoms, quantifying the fermentation level of both gases in relation to your food triggers is necessary. This is where AIRE 2 steps in to help you master your gut health.

How AIRE 2 Can Help with IBS?

IBS and digestive symptoms can put a person under a lot of strain, we know how much they affect the lives of our customers.

If you are looking to find the root cause of your digestive issues, AIRE 2 brings clinically validated breath analysis to your hands, tracking key indicators linked with IBS symptoms—hydrogen and methane gas, helping you make dietary adjustments for better gut health and comfort.

Over 50,000 customers worldwide have found relief with us. Take control of your gut health; it’s time to feel your best.


Measure your baseline

Take regular breath tests and log your foods to understand your baseline hydrogen and methane levels.


Make a change

Reset your gut by changing what you eat to bring your gas levels back to normal.


Discover and improve

Find out which FODMAPs trigger your symptoms, keep an eye on your progress and learn which foods work best for you.

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