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No, there’s no ongoing cost for the device or app. We are however working on some subscription services, but these will be completely optional.

Coeliac disease is an auto-immune condition, which isn’t very common (1% of the population or so). The AIRE device measures gut fermentation levels, which is unrelated. For example, people who have difficulty with inulin (a carbohydrate in wheat), the AIRE device can help with this. For many people, inulin will lead to large amounts of gas production in their gut, leading to bloating and abdominal pain. AIRE can be used to measure levels of gas production (which arises from fermentation).

Yes. If you order the FODMAP program you can test with lactose (as well as other important food components). This is a great test to do, as many people have difficulty digesting lactose.

AIRE detects hydrogen, which is produced by your gut bacteria when they come in contact with food that hasn’t been fully digested yet. Any given species of bacteria will only be able to break down certain foods, so the foods that produce large amounts of gas in your gut, will depend on the types of gut bacteria you have. This is one of the main reasons why everyone is completely unique in terms of digestion of food.

We recommend 1 device per person, however you can share a device. It means that you’ll need to log in and out each time you switch, and you’ll have to limit the number of breath tests per person. We recommend no more than 10 breath tests each day, on a single device.

AIRE could potentially be used by a child under the guidance of an adult.

Most people will tend to take 4-6 weeks to get a good handle on which foods are most suited to their digestion. There are some people who just want to test one or two food components, which is valuable and can be done more quickly. Then, on the other end of the spectrum, some people will track their response to food over several months or will start using the device again after a lifestyle change (e.g. change in diet) as that can often affect how you digest food.

Yes, it’s possible for us to share your results securely with your doctor, as long as we get your consent. Assuming your doctor is comfortable to do that, just send an email to with contact details for your doctor and we’ll take it from there.

Each day, you should aim to take about 10 breath tests, starting 1 hour after you eat. You should test throughout the day allowing at least 1 hour between breath tests, to allow time for you to see any changes in fermentation. The more consistent you are in logging information, the better your results will be.

  • A Austria, Australia
  • B Belgium, Bulgaria
  • C Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic
  • D Denmark
  • E Estonia
  • F Finland, France
  • G Germany, Greece
  • H Hungary
  • I Ireland, Italy
  • L Latvia Lithuania, Luxembourg
  • M Malta
  • N Netherlands, New Zealand
  • P Poland, Portugal
  • R Romania
  • S Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden
  • U United Kingdom, United States

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