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3 Simple Stages


Baseline takes a week to establish your usual breath scores, FODMAP intake, symptoms, stress, and sleep levels. Baseline is all about getting into the FoodMarble routine. This is important because it gives us something to compare to when we begin FODMAP testing in Discovery.

  • Get to know the device
  • Make using the FoodMarble part of your routine
  • Log your meals, symptoms, stress, sleep and breath scores

Reset is about preparation. Getting your gut ready for Discovery by cutting out hard-to-digest FODMAPS. For some tasty low FODMAP inspiration, go to Recipes in your app. Reset lasts one week, but you can go at your own pace. Just keep logging your meals, symptoms, stress, sleep, and breath scores.

  • Get your gut feeling better
  • Start removing common hard-to-digest FODMAPs from your diet
  • Keep logging your meals, symptoms, stress, sleep and breath scores

Discovery is about testing FODMAPs – lactose, fructose, sorbitol, and inulin.  Test one FODMAP per week.  Test on separate days. These days are called Discovery Days. After each test, your Digestive Profile and Food Library will update. And search  Recipes, to find tasty meals and snacks that work for you.

  • Pick a morning where you aren’t too busy, as moving around too much will impact readings
  • A good approach is to do 1 per week or at least a minimum of a three-day gap
  • Keep logging your meals, symptoms, stress, sleep and breath scores

App Features

Recipes for all times of the day and to keep your gut on track!

Lots of tasty recipes for you to try during your 6-week plan and beyond. Recipes are categorized by FODMAP, making it easy to find the right recipe for you.  You also have a full breakdown of the FODMAP content per recipe, so once you start to find your triggers you can pick recipes that suit your gut.

Your unique digestive profile

As you complete your Discovery Days your digestive profile will begin to fill out. It shows you your tolerance for each of the main four FODMAPs. This handy little chart can be used when you’re eating out or shopping to help keep your food choices on track.

New weekly summary of all your activities

As you move through the plan you will receive a weekly summary of how things are looking.  This will help you draw conclusions and start to spot the foods that are your triggers.

Tamsin’s Story

Tamsin was diagnosed with IBS 3 years ago. She saw a Doctor and was put on intermittent fasting, she tried IBS medication, did breath and gut tests, and even had an operation but none of it solved her symptoms. Then she tried the 6-Week Discovery Plan and she was “blown away by the results”. Here is her story…

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