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FoodMarble AIRE

Digestive breath testing device and FoodMarble app. Take breath tests, log your meals, symptoms, sleep, and stress to transform your gut health.


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The FoodMarble AIRE Includes

Portable, hand-held breath testing device used to take breath tests to measure the levels of hydrogen on your breath.
Access to connected app to track breath scores and log your meals, symptoms, sleep, and stress to transform your gut health.
The FoodMarble AIRE is charged with a mini USB cable.



Pairs with FoodMarble app*

Charging: USB Micro

Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy

* Min. requirements: Android 4.4+, iPhone 5 and up

Size     Weight
Height: 55.0mm      25g
Width: 55.0mm
Depth: 12.5mm

Keep AIRE away from all smoke like from cigarettes or e-cigarettes shortly before using the device.

Keep the device away from products that contain silicone such as lubricants, hair, beauty, and sun-care products. Silicone often appears as ‘dimethicone’ or other ingredients ending in ’cone’.

Keep the body of the AIRE dry, the mouthpiece is detachable and can be washed with soap and water.

Try not to take more than 10 breath tests in 24 hours, too many breath tests may harm the sensors in your device.


The FoodMarble app requires an Android 4.4 or iPhone 5 and up. The app allows you to log key information about your digestion and view results. By tracking your breath alongside other factors like food and symptoms, you can start to better understand your unique digestive system.

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